Broker testimonials

It’s all very well us telling you how great insurance brokers are, and what a wonderful and valuable service they provide to their clients.

But it means so much more to hear it from people like you, who have experienced the broker benefit first hand.

Below is a series of videos and articles, featuring real people affected by real situations in which an insurance broker has played an important role in helping them or their business bounce back after a claim.

You can also find out much more about the valuable role played by brokers in the Need a Broker blog.

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Bouncing back from the bushfires
By Need a Broker | 13-Oct-2015
Find out how using an insurance broker made all the difference to one family recovering after being hit hard by NSW bushfires. Read More >

Broker boost for business owner
By Need a Broker | 28-Aug-2015
One small business was able to bounce back when all looked black with support from their insurance broker. Read More >

Bushfire recovery highlights insurance broker value
By Need a Broker | 21-Aug-2015
It's not just business owners who need an insurance broker, as this case study from the 2013 NSW bushfires clearly shows. Read More >

Why a celebrity chef became a broker fan
By Need a Broker | 20-Aug-2015
How a fire at Neil Perry's Sydney restaurant made him appreciate the value of insurance - and his broker - more than ever. Read More >
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