Insurance Explainers

Insurance can be a complex and mysterious process. It’s easy to buy, but much less easy to fully understand. They speak your language and outline some of the key risks facing business owners and communities in an accessible way.

We’ve created a series of animated insurance explainer videos

Benefits of an insurance broker

Watch this video to know more about the many benefits of using an insurance broker to help manage your business's insurance claims and to help protect your business before the end of financial year rush.

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Strata insurance explained

Apartment life is only getting more popular as Australian cities get denser, but many strata organisations are still purchasing their insurance without the benefit of an insurance broker's advice.

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How the insurance claims process works

If you've ever had to make an insurance claim, you'll know that it isn't always the most straightforward process. Indeed some times it can be a real hassle.

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Insurance brokers vs price comparison websites

Price comparison websites are changing the way many people shop for insurance but it is coming at a cost – namely, an increased focus on price, instead of what's actually covered.

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Why you need cyber insurance

Digital technology has changed the way most companies do business but their insurance cover has not always kept pace.

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What is business interruption insurance?

Business interruption insurance is often a key factor in whether or not a business that suffers a major loss is able to resume trading - or whether it'll have to shut its doors for good.

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Why should you use an insurance broker?

Insurance brokers are often the unsung heroes of the insurance world. If you're a business owner and not using one, you could find yourself in all sorts of trouble in the event of a claim.

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If you love it,
insure it!

Whatever type of insurance you need, there’s a qualified insurance broker out there who can help. Find one near you, or who specialises in your area of need.

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