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Regularly updated, the Need a Broker blog provides some useful insight to business owners and consumers about the things they should think about when seeking insurance - and the valuable role played by brokers in providing it.

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Share the road over the holidays
By Need a Broker | 08-Dec-2017

What you need to know about cladding
By Need a Broker | 02-Nov-2017

Are you protected from cyber threats?
By Need a Broker | 11-Oct-2017

Do you know Australia's vehicle crash hotspots?
By Need a Broker | 22-Sep-2017

Five good reasons not to manage your own business insurance
By Need a Broker | 03-Jul-2017

Reviewing business insurance – A lot can happen in a year!
By Need a Broker | 16-Jun-2017
Auditing your insurance at the end of the financial year approaches, including checking what new assets you may have and making sure they are covered. Read More >

Seven common mistakes small businesses make
By Need a Broker | 18-May-2017

Keeping your business afloat in a flood
By Need a Broker | 28-Apr-2017
While we all focus on homes going underwater, losing your business livelihood in a sea of muddy water can be just as (or arguably even more) catastrophic Read More >

Why choose a career in insurance?
By Need a Broker | 10-Jun-2016
Here's why considering a career in insurance could be the best move you'll ever make. Read More >

EOFY: the perfect time for an insurance health check
By Need a Broker | 03-Jun-2016
Here's why end of financial year is the perfect time to conduct an insurance health check with a broker. Read More >
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