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Regularly updated, the Need a Broker blog provides some useful insight to business owners and consumers about the things they should think about when seeking insurance - and the valuable role played by brokers in providing it.

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Are you protected from cyber threats?
By Need a Broker | 11-Oct-2017

Do you know Australia's vehicle crash hotspots?
By Need a Broker | 22-Sep-2017

Five good reasons not to manage your own business insurance
By Need a Broker | 03-Jul-2017

Reviewing business insurance – A lot can happen in a year!
By Need a Broker | 16-Jun-2017
Auditing your insurance at the end of the financial year approaches, including checking what new assets you may have and making sure they are covered. Read More >

Seven common mistakes small businesses make
By Need a Broker | 18-May-2017

Keeping your business afloat in a flood
By Need a Broker | 28-Apr-2017
While we all focus on homes going underwater, losing your business livelihood in a sea of muddy water can be just as (or arguably even more) catastrophic Read More >

Why choose a career in insurance?
By Need a Broker | 10-Jun-2016
Here's why considering a career in insurance could be the best move you'll ever make. Read More >

EOFY: the perfect time for an insurance health check
By Need a Broker | 03-Jun-2016
Here's why end of financial year is the perfect time to conduct an insurance health check with a broker. Read More >

Cyber security: the big risk for small business
By Need a Broker | 27-May-2016
With SMEs statistically much more likely to be victims of cyber crime than big businesses, here's why you should consider cyber insurance. Read More >

Insurance brokers: your best friend at claims time
By Need a Broker | 18-May-2016
Making an insurance claim can be more stressful than the event that caused the claim in the first place. That's where an insurance broker can be your best friend. Read More >
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